Product, Design, and User Experience Research

UX AND Product RESearch

I help companies gather data and quickly test their ideas to inform design and major business decisions for their mobile apps, websites, software, physical products, and services.

Examples of typical engagements:

Iterative Design Studies: When your idea is in the idea stage, we work together to develop, refine, and design, so you don’t waste money or time building the wrong thing

Usability studies: Conducting testing to investigate why you aren’t seeing the usage/conversion metrics you’re expecting, with actionable advice to address issues

Audience research studies: Interviewing to learn more about your audience’s motivations and goals, so you can tailor your product’s function, design, and messaging to maximize adoption and customer happiness

One-time consultations on topics like:

  • Outlining opportunities for improvement with current or intended offerings 
  • Designing a research program that fits your team’s needs
  • Helping you grow your product/design team
  • Educational workshops

I also occasionally partner with fellow colleagues to bring additional services to an engagement - like visual design and engineering.

After working with me your team will have:

  • A comprehensive picture of your users, their goals and pain points
  • Knowledge of when, how often and how many users/customers to talk to
  • An understanding of what to ask your customers to make an impact on your product
  • A feature design or product design that will delight your users
  • Understanding of product design processes and best practices
  • Techniques for collaborating across product, engineering and business teams

What to expect when working with me:

  • Fast turnarounds
  • Complete transparency
  • Insightful questions
  • Honest feedback

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